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B.E.A.R. INSTITUTE, polygraph institute, has been setup to pass along to new and experienced polygraph examiners in the art of polygraphy.


B.E.A.R. INSTITUTE has been providing comprehensive training solutions globally since 2010. With a rich history of imparting knowledge in forensic psycho-physiology across various countries, continents, and languages, B.E.A.R. INSTITUTE stands as a beacon of expertise in the field.

Our esteemed institute has had the privilege of instructing government agencies in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English across Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. This extensive international exposure underscores the significance of linguistic proficiency in conducting precise polygraph examinations.

Recognizing the diverse requirements of agencies, B.E.A.R. INSTITUTE is committed to providing ongoing support beyond the initial training phase. We understand the nuanced demands of our clients and strive to deliver tailored assistance to ensure their continued success.

The skills offered by B.E.A.R. INSTITUTE have also shown to be helpful to professionals outside of the polygraphy sector. Our instructors have developed courses to instruct specific knowledge and skills to different professionals that need a thorough understanding of human behavior to improve productivity.

The instructors of B.E.A.R INSTITUTE have a instructed different students all around the world in the art of polygraphy, always trying to adapt to the local language and culture.

A symbiosis of polygraph techniques and local cultural realities are paramount to the application of proper polygraph tests. This is something that we have learned through the years and that we make sure to include in our training.

We strive to teach in the local language of our students, whenever possible. We understand how important culture and languages are to fully grasp the art of polygraphy.

We teach in the following languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

We have instructed students in 4 continents, 4 languages.

To learn more about the model courses we teach please visit the pages of polygraph advanced training and basic course.

Our instructors are trained in the major polygraph instruments available on the market. Our instructors are also experts using the P.O.L.A.R. POLYGRAPH Instrument.