Basic polygraph training

Basic training for polygraph testing in statement verification

The basic polygraph training is designed to introduce students to the art of polygraphy. The course is meant to instruct new polygraph examiners in all the basic needed aspects to run proper, professional and validated polygraph exams.

For a complete overview of the course, content and hours please review the table below.

CourseCourse TitleHours
Module 1History and Evolution of Detection of Deception8
Module 2Polygraph glossary and terms24
Module 3Ethics, Standards of Practice and Bylaws4
Module 4Psychology20
Module 5Physiology20
Module 6Polygraph test Steps8
Module 7Pre-Test Interview (Behavioral analysis, Investigative interview)32
Module 8Test Question Construction32
Module 9Polygraph Techniques40
Module 10Mechanics of Instrument Operation16
Module 11Test Data Analysis40
Module 12Post-Test Interview8
Module 13Law & Human Rights8
Module 14Scientific Testing8
Module 15Countermeasures8
Module 16Information and Results Reporting2
Module 17Forensic methodology26
Module 18Practical Application of Polygraph / Mock Examinations80
Student review and exams16

If you are interested in participating in a basic training course please contact B.E.A.R. INSTITUTE.