Basic polygraph training

Basic polygraph training program

The basic polygraph program is a complete overview of the polygraph industry and methodology.

Our specialized Polygraph Training Program tailored for security government agencies! In the realm of national security and law enforcement, the ability to accurately assess truthfulness is paramount. Our comprehensive training program is specifically crafted to meet the rigorous standards and unique demands of government security agencies.

Basic polygraph training

As the guardians of national interests, security government agencies rely heavily on the expertise of polygraph examiners to uncover vital information, detect deception, and safeguard sensitive information. Our program is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to excel in this critical role.

Led by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the field, our training curriculum covers everything from the underlying principles of polygraphy to advanced interrogation techniques. Through a combination of theoretical learning, practical exercises, and real-world case studies, you will gain a deep understanding of polygraph instrumentation, physiological responses indicative of deception, and the ethical considerations inherent in conducting polygraph examinations within the scope of government security operations.

Whether you’re a seasoned security agency seeking to enhance your polygraph examiners skill set or an agency that is looking to implement a polygraph program, our Polygraph Training Program provides the rigorous training and preparation necessary to thrive in the challenging field of lie detection. Join us as we embark on this journey together to uphold the integrity and security of your nation.

Curriculum of basic polygraph training program

The basic polygraph program for security government agencies is composed of the following knowledge base.

  • History of Detection of Deception and Polygraph instrument
  • Polygraph terminology, glossary
  • Polygraph exam steps
  • Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Law and Human Rights
  • Psycho-Physiology
  • Pre-test interview
  • Test Question Construction
  • Validated Polygraph Techniques
  • Instrumentation – Operating polygraph instrument
  • Test Data Analysis
  • Post Test Interview
  • Countermeasures
  • Information and Outcome Reporting
  • Practical training

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